5 Ways To Boost Power To A Car Engine

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To get the most out of your vehicle, installing components and accessories that enhance a vehicle’s ability to drive or haul items and people from place to place is essential.

One of the most critical components of a vehicle is the engine, and it can be pretty surprising what sort of power upgrades you can do to your automobile with minimal effort.

customized auto and truck performance options

So, get the customized auto and truck performance options you need to boost power to your vehicle by checking out the guide below.


The muffler is the component in your car that reduces the noise and vibrations produced by an engine.  A muffler upgrade to your vehicle will reduce engine noise, leading to a more comfortable ride for you as well as those around you.


A supercharger is a compressor that uses your engine’s power to suck air into it, which then gets pushed into the combustion chamber. Having too much air in there can cause problems like knocking and pinging in your engine. However, with an upgraded supercharger, a car owner can effectively increase horsepower and torque.

Manifold and Throttle Body

If your car has a carburetor, which means it only has one intake manifold or throttle body, then you may want to consider replacing it with a dual-intake manifold and throttle body. This will give your car’s engine more airflow, resulting in more power.


A nitrous system adds a liquid, either nitrous oxide (N2O) or water, through the intake manifold to your engine. This liquid is then released into an expansion chamber and mixed with fuel, creating a new, more powerful combustion that results in higher horsepower output.


This is a component that makes it possible for you to adjust the fuel flow of your engine. By installing an adjustable carburetor or choke kit, you allow yourself more control over the amount of fuel entering the combustion chamber.